Turn to an Experienced Securities Fraud Attorney if You Lost Money to Securities Fraud

If you have lost your hard-earned investments to the misconduct of a broker or financial advisor, an experienced securities fraud attorney can help you take legal action and obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

What Does a Securities Fraud Attorney Do?

Securities fraud, frequently referred to as stock fraud or investment fraud, can result from a range of deceptive practices by brokerage firms or financial advisors in the commodities or stock markets.

Financial advisors or brokerage firms commit securities fraud by intentionally providing false information or omitting material information that induces an investor to make sales or purchase decisions.

Securities fraud is a very broad category that includes embezzlement or theft from investors, Ponzi schemes, misstatements to corporate auditors, manipulation of stock, providing inaccurate or misleading information about underlying securities in bond funds and mutual funds, and misstatements of a public company’s financial reporting.

Securities fraud can also include a variety of illegal activities in the financial services industry such as illicit activity on the floors of commodities and stock exchanges, violations of the federal securities act of 1933, front running of trades, violations of section 10(b) of the securities act of 1934, violations of the Florida Securities Act, insider trading, and state blue sky laws, all of which may result in financial losses.

Securities fraud can also include any crime that breaks securities laws meant to protect investment funds, individual investors, and the securities industry from fraud.

Investment fraud lawyers help protect investors from the actions of financial advisors and stockbrokers that may result in the loss of investment funds. They provide representation in securities arbitration and civil litigation to help with financial recovery or ensure justice is served.

If you have been dealing with puzzling investment losses or have a suspicion regarding your stockbroker or financial advisor, then you will require the services of an experienced investment fraud attorney.


Experienced Securities Fraud Defense Attorney

We are a securities fraud law firm representing investors who have lost their retirement funds or savings. You may need legal representation if your financial advisor, investment firm, or stock market advisor acted negligently, did not act in your best interest, or committed fraud.

It is critical to regularly monitor your investments for broker fraud or misconduct as an investor. If you have suffered significant losses, our investment loss attorney can review your account’s history to determine if there has been fraud.

Common types of stockbroker fraud and securities fraud include:

  • Churning – This is when a stockbroker recommends frequent trading to make more commissions. We can review your account to determine if you have been misadvised to make excessive trades. If there is evidence of churning, we can help you get compensation for investment losses.
  • Unsuitability – Licensed brokers have a duty to know their clients. Most financial advisors will discuss with their clients the level of risk they are comfortable with and invest accordingly. If financial advisors recommend securities beyond your investment objectives or risk tolerance, you may sue them under securities fraud law and be entitled to legal relief.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty – Securities brokers have a fiduciary duty to work in the client’s best interest. The duty is breached when the investment advisors put their financial interests ahead of the client’s. If this can be proven, you may have grounds for filing a breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit.
  • Over-Concentration – A good investment portfolio needs to be diversified. When the stockbroker fails to diversify your investment portfolio, which leaves your account exposed to a single sector of the economy or a few securities, You may be entitled to recover losses by filing a securities fraud lawsuit.
  • Unauthorized Trading – A stockbroker usually needs your permission before selling or buying securities on your behalf. If the broker does not get your approval before making a trade, they may be guilty of securities fraud. Moreover, the broker should not exceed their authority by getting commissions on trades unsuitable for a client’s account.
  • Annuity Switching, Bond, or Mutual Fund – Similar to churning, this type of fraud has to do with your financial advisor selling a particular group of annuities, bonds, or mutual funds, after which the financial advisor repurchases a nearly identical instrument just for commissions.
  • Margin Claims – Some brokers will recommend their clients borrow in margin to buy securities and then, without prior notice, ask them to sell the securities to pay off the margin, thus generating revenue for the firm or financial advisor.
  • Ponzi Schemes – Our law firm has represented many victims of Ponzi schemes and other types of financial fraud.

The Clark Law Group, P.A. is one of the major law firms in the United States that works on financial securities fraud cases. Our investment fraud attorneys have a good understanding of securities laws and the skill and experience to fight for your rights if you have been defrauded.

Contact us today, and we may help you with your litigation and securities arbitration case just like we have helped many other clients over the years.

Why we are the Best Securities Fraud Lawyer and Investment Fraud Attorney

When you are dealing with major brokerage firms that may have caused you financial losses through deceit, lying, theft, negligence, unauthorized transactions by financial planners, stockbrokers, or other actors in the securities industry, you will require the services of a securities fraud lawyer. 

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has securities laws and regulations that protect investor funds by issuing suspensions and fines to regulators. 

Even though securities regulators make laws and regulations to protect investors from the bad conduct of a brokerage firm or financial advisor, one needs to file claims to recover lost funds or be compensated for losses. 

Statistics indicate that you are more likely to get compensation if experienced securities fraud lawyers represent you. Given that investors usually sign account documents with the brokerage firms, most cases go to arbitration, which the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority governs. 

By hiring a securities fraud lawyer who understands the rules and regulations, you are better placed to get compensation or recover lost funds in the arbitration process. 

The Clark Law Group, P.A. represents investors who have lost their retirement funds and savings due to the mishandling of the brokerage accounts. We have represented many clients in Florida that have been victims of a wide range of securities fraud. 

Contact us today, and we may be able to provide a free consultation and advice on how to proceed. We have helped many clients in Florida and have the experience and skill to help you get favorable outcomes with your securities fraud case.

How to a Find Securities Fraud Attorney

Whether you have been the victim of a Ponzi scheme, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, or any other type of security fraud, it is critical to secure the services of a securities fraud lawyer as soon as possible.

However, finding a good lawyer that will help you get compensation or recover lost funds is not easy. Not every securities lawyer has the resources, skills, or experience to get you justice either through a lawsuit or through the arbitration process.


What to Consider Before Hiring a Securities Fraud Attorney

There are several things that you need to take into account when hiring a securities fraud lawyer that includes:

Consultation Process – This needs to be confidential and free, given that the client has already been taken advantage of by a financial or investment advisor. At the Clark Law Group, P.A., we practice utmost confidentiality and provide a free consultation and review of your case.

Diligence and Professionalism – Securities fraud attorneys must be thoroughly invested in your case. They need to be diligent and selective and work to get every fact of the case before taking it on. Professionalism and diligence can often be determined by looking at client reviews.

Contingency Fee Structure – Most securities fraud attorneys will operate on a contingency fee basis which means you will not have to pay legal fees if you do not recover your losses.

Experience – You need to find a law firm with attorneys experienced working in arbitration and litigating in court. This will increase the probability of getting compensation or recovering lost funds.

If a brokerage firm has maltreated you, you should contact the Clark Law Group, P.A. in Florida to fight for you. We have securities attorneys dedicated to fighting for the rights of investors wronged by their brokerage firms and financial advisors.

Contact us for a free consultation today, and we may be able to provide the advice and representation you need since we have been fighting for our clients’ rights and winning for years.

The Role of a Securities Fraud Litigation Attorney

Suffering financial losses due to the actions of a rogue securities firm or financial advisor can result in severe financial and personal consequences.

By working with a securities fraud lawyer, you will get a comprehensive investigation into your investment transactions. The investment fraud lawyer will help by looking into critical things to help you recover investment losses that may include:

  1. Analysis and review of your financial statements to determine if there has been securities fraud.
  2. Work with financial professionals to determine the extent of the loss. The professionals will also testify at arbitration or court hearings.
  3. File a statement of claim with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which describes how the financial advisor or investment broker violated their fiduciary duty or acted inappropriately. This statement may, in some cases, provide detail of the financial losses incurred due to the alleged fraud.
  4. Engage in the discovery process by gaining access to relevant documents to support a securities fraud allegation.
  5. Submit documentary evidence to the regulatory authority to submit the allegations against the broker or financial investment advisor.
  6. Represent you in the FINRA hearing or litigation in court.

Your Securities Law Attorney

When you hire a broker or brokerage firm to manage your investments, the financial security of your investment is implied in the contract. Moreover, there are definite and clear laws governing the management of your investment funds.

FINRA, the New York Stock Exchange, and the National Association of Securities Dealers have Suitability Rules for brokerage firms and financial advisors. They also have standards that must be followed when an investment broker makes investments on behalf of their clients.

If you believe that the broker or investment firm acted against the set standards, which resulted in the loss of your money, you should contact an investment fraud attorney.

The Clark Law Group, P.A. has skilled and experienced attorneys who may provide legal advice and represent you in arbitration or litigation in court. We have worked with many clients over the years and gotten them favorable outcomes.

Contact us today and talk to a securities fraud lawyer to establish an attorney-client relationship as soon as possible. Once we have established a relationship, we may start working on your case to get you the compensation and justice you need.